Monday, June 7, 2010

Personal Submarine

I want one! As shown on, this Russian fellow has built his own personal one-man submarine, and it looks splendid.

Naturally, I'd like to have mine a little more tricked out with a Jules Verne sort of vibe, though. And with internet access, in-dash radio and mp3 player, and a fully stocked miniature bar so I can drink Blue Leaders and listen to Lud Gluskin records beneath the sea.

According to the site:

This small submarine can go as fast as four knots and can make a nonstop underwater trip from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, Finland and back again. The owner had made this personal underwater vehicle officially registered as a boat by Russian boat registry to get its personal name and number. It’s the smallest submarine in Russia, or perhaps in the globe.

The article doesn't say to what depths the mini-sub can descend, but even if it can't withstand much pressure, it would still be very useful to take a bunch of these out on an expedition to survey the situation at the current BP oil leak disaster.

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