Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Airship Victoria

Now this is what I like to see - while many Steampunk enthusiasts are content to simply sit around at home wearing some brass goggles while listening to Vernian Process and drinking Old Fashioneds, here's a gang of glorious geeks who are building their own airship.

It's called the Airship Victoria, and though it isn't a zeppelin, it's a very impressive congregation of helium balloons with what appears to be a plasma lightning generator and a dangerous-looking platform suspended from cables. You can see the original prototype they tested out here, at San Francisco's Burning Man Decompression 2009.

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  1. Good Day Fellow Sky Travelers,

    The Airship Victoria Prototype X3 is quickly approaching its launch date for Burning Man 2011, but as every noble endeavor requires skill, patience and time, we need to be sure the proper materials are in the crew's hands. We now raise that battle flag and send a call to arms, "Up, Up, Victoria Up." Please join us in opening the skies over Black Rock City by visiting our Kickstarter here: