Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hear me well, the gauntlet is now laid down: if you're using CFL bulbs in your home, I won't be coming over for tea anymore.

No, I'm not excessively paranoid about the toxic mercury that resides inside said bulbs, although that certainly is an important consideration for the sake of the environment. Then again, the recent disastrous release of highly radioactive material from Fukushima has rendered that point a bit moot at this time. (Most citizens are apparently too dense to even wrap their head around the implications of that, let alone CFL-mercury in landfills.)

It's a matter of mythic resonance, of aesthetic principles. As devotees of the innovations developed during mankind's true golden age, we must fight the future - especially when evil men are trying so hard to make these annoying CFL bulbs part of that future. Ask yourself why it is so important to President Obama and others to phase out the incandescent bulb. Of all the battles worth fighting, why pick this one?

And yet people are laughing at Rand Paul for opposing the ban (and yes, it does amount to what is practically a ban). God forbid I should be on the same side as Rand Paul on something, but his particular Aspergian adamance for his cause serves us well on this one. At least give the public a choice about how they light their home, rather than strong-arming the world into acceptance of a toxic and inferior light source that no one really wants (that is, except morons. I apologize if you are a moron, dear reader - I do have acquaintances that are - and I pray for you to regain your senses and sensibilities in the coming radioactive days ahead.)

Of course, as far as we're concerned, the incandescent light bulb (which, media to the contrary, was NOT invented by Thomas Edison!) is actually a lightsource-come-lately to the big picture. What about gaslight? What about oil lamps? What about candles? Hell, what about just going to bed when it gets dark, like real people used to do in agrarian times?

The battle against creeping technocracy starts with yourself. I will no longer tolerate CFL or other fluorescent lighting any more than I can get away with avoiding. It's enough that I must tolerate it when shopping in excessively-lit stores like Target, but if you've made your choice and sided with the enemy in your own home, I will not darken your doorstep, good sirs and madams.

You're welcome to come over to my plantation, however, to remember what it looked like to live amongst incandescence before the migraine-inducing, false-color-giving and toxic-for-pets advent of the new world order's CFL bulb.

Make it quick, though: I'm about to start an investigatory pilot project to assess returning completely to oil lanterns and candlepower in my home, in solidarity with our allies in the Dark Sky Movement. Seriously.

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  1. I second that! That pretty much summarizes my plight for STOP THE BAN OF INCANDESCENTS. Just sit down and watch some moody TV program under candle light (oh, you forgot what they are - they stick with wick. Yes, you light the wick with a match!). After that, turn on your CFL. Ahhgggggggg. Then apply hammer. Oh sorry, that might kill you. Drive it to the tip and pay the tip fee. Oh dam that will poison the ground... Hail incandescence (fire-place light, candle light, kerosene light, Standard INCANDESCENT light)! Forget the stupid 30% efficient halogen - total waist and can be just a bit too white. Have you tried dimming your friendly Standard INCANDESCENT lately? Cheers, Ron Lentjes.
    CFL/Fluorescent = ugly, aggressive, strange.
    'pretend-not-realy-white' LED = strange, wierd, eerie.
    Standard INCANDESCENT = warm, inviting, calm, and safe proper life-giving light! If you want friends over at your place: CFL/Fluorescent=NO (no friends). 'fake-white' LED=NO (no friends). Standard INCANDESCENT=YES many friends (only draw back - they won't leave!)