Monday, September 21, 2009

Victorian Square

At the corner of Broadway and Main in Lexington, KY, there's a wonderful block of antiquated once-crumbling buildings called Victorian Square. The Webb Companies, rather than tear the structures down completely (which is what they've done to almost every other cool old building they've ever gotten their hands on), they combined all these places into one huge connected labyrinth and retained the gaslght-era urban decay look of it all.

Too bad the Webbs didn't do the same thing for their insane and universally hated construction project CentrePointe in Lexington. (You know, the place they tore down the original locations of Buster's and The Dame for, so they could put up a penis-shaped downtown hotel in a city that already has way too many downtown hotels.)

Other cities, take note: Victorian Square is exactly how to utilize old buildings while preserving their integrity.

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