Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Zeusaphone

The Zeusaphone is a new breakthrough in retro tech: it's a high-performance solid state Tesla coil that play musical tones, theremin-like, directly through the electrical sparks it emits. As their website puts it, "Just as a speaker vibrates the surrounding air to produce a certain sound, the Zeusaphone™ modulates its lightning-like discharges to do the very same!"

The cheapest model, the Z-18, runs about $1,899 USD.

Although the concept is a variation on the Plasma Arc Loudspeaker, which generates atmospheric compression waves which the human ear perceives as sound, the Zeusaphone looks to be a much more functional and dazzling toy. Plasma Arc Loudspeakers are in turn derived from William Duddell's "Singing Arc" circa 1900. The concept has also found modern uses into next-generation spacecraft propulsion like the ion thruster.

Watch demo videos of the Zeusaphone in action here.

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