Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Regardless of whether that the tiny bone fragments recently discovered on Nikumaroro Island (formerly known as Gardner Island) turn out to be those of Amelia Earhart or not, one thing is certain: there was a woman castaway on this island, and her story could end up being even more fascinating than Amelia's. If not Amelia, who was she? How did she get here? How many more were here with her?

But the evidence is mounting in Amelia's favor. Parts of a jackknife have been found, just like the one Amelia was to known to carry. A bottle said to be for a woman's freckle cream called "Dr. Berry's" has turned up, and historians say that Amelia did indeed try to cover up her freckles.

And according to Wikipedia:

In an area on the atoll's northwest side called the "Seven Site" the team has found and cataloged artifacts such as flakes of rouge and a shattered mirror from a woman's cosmetic compact, parts of a folding pocket knife, traces of campfires bearing bird and fish bones, clams opened in the same way as oysters in New England, "empty shells laid out as if to collect rain water" and American bottles dating from before World War II, their heat warped bottoms showing they "had once stood in a fire as if to boil drinking water."

The expeditions to search for Amelia's remains have been very arduous, as the island is teeming with rats and aggressive Coconut Crabs which have powerful enough claws to break open coconuts (imagine what they can do to people!)

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