Thursday, January 27, 2011

Telephone Telepathy

Good old Rupert Sheldrake, he of the Morphic Field Theory, has an intriguing new telephone telepathy experiment that anyone can take part in.

According to his website:

Many people claim to be able to know who's calling them before they answer the call. Is this just coincidence or is some other factor involved? The Telephone Telepathy experiment attempts to answer this question empirically.

To participate in the experiment you will need a U.S. phone (cell or landline) and provider as well as 2 people with whom you share a close relationship (eg. friends, family). These people will require a U.S. cell phone and provider.

Once you have registered you can login and add some friends. After logging in, further instructions for conducting the test will be available.

Sheldrake's works seem far-ranging, free-thinking, and eminently workable - therefore we here approve wholeheartedly. Sociopaths and professional skeptics violently oppose his ideas, which of course makes us all the more convinced that the man is on to something.

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