Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Animal Sculptural Radiators

From Born Rich:

We have seen some amazing radiator designs in the past, but the animal-shaped radiators from Dutch designer Guus Van Leeuwen take the cake. The designer’s “Domestic Animals” series has made a debut at this year’s Salone Del Mobile exhibition in Milan. The Guus Van Leeuwen radiators are covered with the skin of the animal they represent. Every “Domestic Animal” is crafted out of a single ongoing steel tube that starts and ends at the tail. “This can’t be bended in one time, so every animal is built from 40 to 60 pieces, which are all bent by a computer-controlled machine and then welded onto each other to create this one ongoing tube.” At the tail the radiators can easily be connected to the central heating system. Personally, I don’t see any reason to deck these steel carcasses with the real furry skins, but probably this is done to add a sophisticated touch to these sculptures-cum-radiators.

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