Monday, September 7, 2009

Surrey Single Bench Deluxe

Forget mundane bicycles. Even forget three-wheeled adult tricycles with the big basket. The real way to travel is this foot-pedaled Surrey Single Bench Deluxe from Industrial Bicycles, Inc.

Very soon, I plan on obtaining one of these wonderful toys, and it will be my winter project to refurbish it in a style somewhere between Steampunk, Voraxica, and Flintstone. Further details will be ongoing on this blog in months to come.


  1. I want one!! let me know how it works out for you

  2. I've driven these sort of vehicles before. I warn you, they're really exhausting to ride, especially if you plan on adding stuff to it which adds to the weight. You may already know this and be thinking on it, but I think the only way would be to totally upgrade the gear system with something comparable to a mountain bike. Otherwise you'll never get much speed, which may not be desirable anyway since these things can flip over like a jeep.