Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Unanswered Questions in LOST

31. How can Jack just suddenly be told, "You don't have a son"? What happens to Jack's son from his own POV from that point on?

32. What did MIB mean by "You're too late" just before he dies?

33. Was it just a coincidence that Locke's words "It worked" echo that of Juliet's upon shunting everyone to the sideways world? Apparently not, since Juliet herself says it again in the finale.

34. What happened to the once-major subplot about the Hanso Foundation?

35. How necessary is the water-drinking ritual to anoint/appoint someone the island's protector?

36. Why was the "Magic Box" that produced Anthony Cooper never explained?

37. Ben says he has "some things I need to work out" at the end of the series. What are they?

38. How does the Sonic Fence keep out the smoke monster?

39. How was Sayid resurrected from the dead at The Temple? And why?

40. Who built the Watchtower/lighthouse, and how does it work?

41. Why did Kate change clothes at the Lamp Post church in the finale?

42. Why did Kelvin Inman draw the blast door map?

43. Why did Claire leave baby Aaron behind?

44. Why did Jin choose to die with Sun and leave their child fatherless?

45. What the heck was Ben's breakfast on the beach with Kate all about?

46. What was the significance of Jacob and the red herring?

47. What was the significance of Jacob reading "Everything That Rises Must Converge"?

48. Why does the statue, said to be Tawaret, not look as much like Tawaret as it does Sobek?

49. Will the whispering ghosts be stuck on the island forever? Is MIB one of them now?

50. Why is Hydra Island seemingly sometimes visible and sometimes not?

51. If Ben was originally working for Jacob, why did Jacob allow him to do all the reprehensible things he did?

52. Why did being a parent exclude Kate from being a candidate but not others like Sun and Jin?

53. If Ben was working for Jacob, shouldn't he have known that Oceanic 815 would break up over the island, and not been surprised about it?

54. Since part of Jacob's entire opposition to his brother was based in the conviction that there was nothing outside of the island, at what point did he realize differently? And why did that not change the way he treated his brother?

55. What's the story behind Michael Abaddon?

56. Why did one of Hurley's fellow mental patients start spouting "the numbers"?

57. How did Jacob get off the island to stalk, manipulate, and touch all the candidates?


  1. i would have to go back and watch it but i think a lot of time supposedly passed between kate goingin the church and then when jack finally entered. even though it didnt seem that way to us. i think the scene was more symbolic than literal. and i agree the sayid at the temple thing made no sense and didnt even need to be in the show at all, it was just a distraction.

  2. Indeed, if the temple waters had resurrecting healing power, one would think the waters at the Heart-of-the-Island would be at least as potent--but they did not fix Jack once the omphalos was replaced.

    Further, since the Heart ejected Jack's dying body out into the jungle (as it had Jacob's Brother), did Jack's ka emerge as a smoke monster too?

  3. #31: Really! Everyone abandoned Jack and Juliet's son at the benefit concert! Juliet on-call to the hospital, Claire and Kate backstage to deliver Aaron, and, when Jack finally got to the concert, the whole audience had left and his son was nowhere to be seen. So everything was real, but John Locke can obliviate the existence of your biologic offspring?

    :) Fun exercises! Thanks!!

  4. I don't think Jack's son magically vanished or anything, I just think Locke was speaking from the perspective of the other reality.