Monday, May 24, 2010

Unanswered Questions in LOST

These questions may in fact be answered, but may have gone over my head or gotten lost in the shuffle. Feel free to refresh my memory.

1. What happened to Mr. Eko? Why did his spirit not reappear to Hurley or anyone else?

2. What will Richard Alpert do when he gets to America? Since he's originally from 1867, how is it that he has an legit legal identity in present time? (And we know that he does, because he appeared in modern-day America to interact with Juliet representing "Mittelos Bioscience", and to young John Locke to give him some sort of other-life-memory aptitude test.)

3. Will the truth come out about the Oceanic 815 wreckage on the ocean floor being faked?

4. How did Hurley and Ben get back to America?

5. Since Hurley left with everyone else inside the Lamp Post church, who's guarding the island now? Surely not Ben, because Hurley acted as if he had expected Ben to join them.

6. What happened to the whole subplot about Jack and the tattoo he received from the Asian prostitute?

7. What cured Locke's paralysis in the pilot episode, and why?

8. Why does Smoke Monster/Fake Locke/Man In Black keep saying Locke-like things, like "don't tell me what I can't do", even after he no longer needs to pass himself off as Locke?

9. What was so special about Walt, and why did the Others want him?

10. Why do Locke and Shannon see apparitions of Walt? He wasn't dead and thus could not have been a ghost nor a smoke-monster impersonation.

11. What was the significance of the real Henry Gale?

12. How does Mr. Friendly manage to go back and forth from the island to America?

13. Why was Smoke Monster/Fake Locke/Man In Black carving a staff similar to Mr. Eko's?

14. Why did Widmore have a huge painting of Jacob's scale with black and white rocks hanging in his office?

15. Whatever became of Faraday making a note to himself to remember that Desmond was his "constant"?

16. How and why is Eloise able to move in and out of different time-tracks and realities to keep tabs on Desmond?

17. Was Jacob responsible for Hurley's years of torment over the synchronicities about "the numbers" and his belief that they represented a curse?

18. Why does the show seem to state that, despite early appearances, neither Jacob nor his brother are particularly "good guys", despite having ostensibly noble motives? (Jacob is wants to save the island, but ruins a lot of lives in the process, and MIB simply wants to cease being held prisoner on the island, but ruins a lot of lives in the process of trying to get off it)

19. How did Eloise come to oversee the Lamp Post church, and why wasn't she present when the cast members congregated there in the finale?

20. Does sideways-world Widmore already know what will happen by sending Desmond to go talk to Eloise in person about her party?

21. Who was the "clever fellow" Eloise makes an oblique reference to, that installed the pendulum at the Lamp Post that allows tracking of the Island?

22. Who was still drop-shipping Dharma supplies to the Island, and how?

23. Why Tawaret?

24. Why has so much of the backstory of the Dharma Initiative and the Hanso Foundation been left unexplained?

25. How much time elapsed between Hurley and Ben talking on the Island about Hurley being the new No.1, and their subsequent conversation outside the lamp post?

26. When Christian Shephard appeared to Locke at the frozen wheel, was it really Christian, or MIB impersonating him?

27. Why was MIB's name never given?

28. Since Jacob said that the Island was literally like a cork that was holding back forces of evil beneath it, does that mean that the light energy uncorked from the cave is inherently evil? Or does it simply indicate further that Jacob, despite his powers, is actually wrong about many things?

29. Why was the whole subplot about Dogen abandoned? What power did he possess that kept MIB out of the Temple?

30. If the apparitions of Yemi were MIB impersonating him, how then to explain the times that Yemi came to Eko and Locke in their dreams?

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  1. I'll take a stab at #4: In the sideways, Lamp-Post-Church reality tunnel, no one went to the Island, including Hurley and Ben. As I understood it, when they congratulated each other on being good #1 and #2 Island Protectors, they were recounting their flash-visions of the Island lifetime.

    On #2: Maybe when Jacob extended Richard's longevity, the ability to travel amid the time-space-streams came with it (like Jacob). But if Richard's immortality was Island-dependent, it does seem he'd be in for a rude awakening upon leaving it permanently.