Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still More Unanswered Questions in LOST

58. Why was Locke alone at the Lamp Post Church in the finale? Where was Helen?

59. Are the mysterious "rules" between Jacob and MIB the same as those between Ben and Widmore?

60. If the Sonar Fence was meant to keep out the MIB smoke monster, what prevents the smoke monster from flying over it?

61. At what point does the Sonar Fence's vertical boundary stop?

62. If the MIB smoke monster cannot leave the Island, at what point is he unable to fly any further when he flies straight up?

63. And what happens to him if he tries it?

64. When the Freighter was very near the Island and had Minkowski's dead body on it, why didn't the MIB smoke monster fly over there and take on his form?

65. When the first hatch was discovered, why didn't more of the castaways want to go down there and take advantage of its air conditioning and other comforts?

66. How do the Barracks and all the DHARMA stations maintain electricity and running water?

67. How has the enormous amount of electricity needed to power the Sonar Fence been maintained for so many years?

68. The vast plumbing system that exists at the Barracks and in the DHARMA stations must lead to some sort of waste treatment plant. Where is it? Who operates it?

69. How is garbage disposed of at the Barracks? The amount of people that populate the Barracks would generate a staggering amount of solid waste in just months, let alone decades.

70. Why is there no sign of electric power lines or poles around the Barracks?

71. What was the significance of Locke handing Ben a copy of Philip K. Dick's Valis and suggesting there may be things in it that Ben has missed?

72. Why does Kate repeatedly see an apparition of a black horse, even before she ends up on the Island?

73. Why do Chang's pseudonyms all contain references to candles? ("Candle," "Wickmund", "Halliwax")

74. What was the significance of Locke's dream about Horace?

75. If pregnancies cannot occur on the Island without ending in death, how was it that Ethan was born there successfully?

76. How did Hurley and Sayid pick up a 1940s radio broadcast on the transmitter?

77. Was the project to keep people pushing the button a DHARMA hoax or not?

78.If it was, why did Desmond need to turn the key to prevent system failure?

79. And if it wasn't, why did all the reports that personnel thought they were submitting to HQ via pneumatic tube end up dumped in a field?

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