Friday, April 22, 2011

JFK Demanded UFO Files Just Before Death

Not long after the announcement of a memo to J. Edgar Hoover about a crashed UFO, now comes information about two memos from President Kennedy - instructing the CIA to turn over all available UFO intelligence.

Kennedy never saw that data, however. He was assassinated just ten days later.

What does it all mean? The Daily Mail suggests that JFK was worried that the Soviets would mistake actual alien UFOs for U.S. spy craft. suggests that the word "Unknowns" in JFK's memo is actually code for the aliens, and that the phrase "defensive responsibilities" refers to our need to defend ourselves from aliens, not the Russians. They also host scans of the "Burned Memo" which, although lacking the provenance of the other JFK UFO docs, does seem to add corroboration - in it, the CIA director notes that "Lancer" (code word for the President) "has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow."

The burned memo also alludes to Project MAJESTIC, Project JEHOVAH, Project EVIRO, Project PARASITE, and Project PARHELION.


  1. This dovetails well with statements I remember in speeches by the late M. William Cooper. Mr. Cooper contended President Kennedy was assassinated for this insistence on agency information--and his intention to release it to the American public.

  2. If you'd like to view/hear this part of Bill Cooper's speech, it can be found here (at 6:25):

    Mr. Cooper inexplicably apologized for and retracted many of these beliefs in 1991, but you be the judge. The truth may not bring President Kennedy, or Bill Cooper, back, but it just might set us free.